Girl Scout Cookie Twister Game

Cookie Twister

As one of the activities at this year’s Association 51 Cookie Rally, Daisies learned about the eight different types of Girl Scout Cookies by playing our own version of Twister!

Before the Daisies played Girl Scout Cookie though, our teen volunteers introduced the younger girls to the cookies with another game. Here’s how you play:

  1. Each Daisy receives a 3×5 card with the name of a cookie or a description of one of the cookies. Click on the links below to download and print the cards in color (they’re smaller than 3×5; cut them out and glue each to a 3×5 index cards). We had about 30 cards total; if you want to do this with your troop, you can give the girls extra cards. Tell the girls that if they have trouble reading their card, they can ask a friend or an adult to help them out.
  2. Ask the girls who have a card with the  name of a cookie to come to the front and stand in a line, with space between each so that 2 girls can fit in the gap. Once they’re in line, have each of them say what their cookie is.
  3. One of the Daisies, or an older girl or adult, reads each description of the cookie (click and download page below). Pause after each description and ask if anyone has a card that describes this cookie. If they do, they can stand next to the girl with the cookie card. There are duplicate cards (chocolate, for example), so the first girl who recognizes/realizes they have the right description gets to stand next to the girl with the cookie card.
  4. After all the girls are grouped with their cookie, have each group call out the name of the cookie and the description on the cards.
  5. Once every girl has finished, tell them they will play again, but this time, they have to do it on their own — there will be no one calling out the descriptions. Have the girls return their cards, shuffle the cards and give them back to the girls.
  6. The girls should be able to gather into separate groups according to cookie name and descriptions. Keep playing the game until they are able to do this step without any help.

Materials to download and print:

Girl Scout Cookie Descriptions
3×5 cards page 1
3×5 cards page 2
3×5 cards page 3
3×5 cards page 4
3×5 cards page 5

Now they’re ready for Girl Scout Cookie Twister!

Cookie Twister Spinner web

Here’s how you create the game:


  • 16 sheet protectors
  • 1 self-laminating sheet  — the kind that doesn’t need a thermal laminating machine
  • 1 paper fastener
  • 1 ice pick
  • Clear packing tape

Materials to download and print:

Cookie pages
Cookie Twister Spinner
Cookie Twister Spinner Arrow


  1. Download and print (in color) the Cookie Pages above. Make 2 color copies of each cookie —  you should have a total of 16 pages.
  2. Place each page in a clear plastic sheet protector.
  3. Arrange the cookies on the floor to replicate  the Twister game mat so that you have 4 cookies running lengthwise and widthwise, with about 2 inches between each sheet. (Place the cookies randomly so that no two cookies are next to each other!)
  4. Tape down the sheets.
  5. Download and print the Cookie Twister Spinner above. Place in a self-sealing laminating sheet.
  6. Download and print the Cookie Twister Spinner Arrow on card stock (or you could just cut one yourself out of heavy cardboard). Cut out the arrow.
  7. Using an ice pick, punch a small hole in the middle of the spokes of the Spinner. Insert paper fastener through the Spinner Arrow and into the hole, then flip over press the sides of the fastener down against the cardstock. Flick the arrow to see if it spins easily around; if it doesn’t, make the hole a little larger.

Instructions for playing the game:

  1. The girls may not have played Twister before, so you’ll have to explain the game. Tell them you’ll call out a body part (Left Hand, Left Foot, Right Hand or Right Foot), then you’ll call out a the name of a Girl Scout Cookie.
  2. Tell them there are 2 of each type of Cookie on the “board” and they can choose either one to place their hand or foot on the right Cookie.
  3. Tell them they may have to share space on the Cookie, so please be respectful of each other and not shove or push anyone.
  4. Tell them that they may not remove their hand or foot off the cookie until that body part is called again. If they fall over or otherwise move their hand or foot off the cookie, they will be “out.”
  5. Tell them that the object of the game is to be the last girl on the “board”!
  6. Play it over and over until they get sick of it. 🙂

Suggested prizes for winners:

One Cookie Scented Stick-On ($1.49, four in a package)
One Cookie Sticker ($3.25, 20 in a package)
One Cookie Pencil (60 cents each)



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