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Happy Holidays!


GSCNC Isadora Inchworm patch program

Girl Scouts do community service year round, but the holidays often bring even more opportunities for service projects.

In addition to fun patches that recognize community service, our Council offers a patch program that recognizes and tracks service hours: Isadora Inchworm.

For more information on the program, visit

Here are some excerpts from that file:

In order to maintain the spirit of service, leaders should help girls understand that they do not do service to earn Isadora Inchworm segments, but the patches can be used to show the service they have given.

Girls can count hours for activities they do with their troop or as an individual following the criteria below. One fun way to use Isadora is to post paper plates to represent Isadora at troop meetings, service unit meetings or community events to show the service hours given by girls or troops.

Service should represent an extension of oneself, not just the completion of normal responsibilities. Thus, doing assigned household chores is not service, but going out of your way to rake leaves for an elderly neighbor (not for pay) might be considered service. There is often a fine line between service and something that is merely a fun activity for the participants.

Holiday caroling around the neighborhood followed by a troop party of cookies and cocoa would not be considered service, but going to a hospital to carol for patients might be considered.

The following cannot be counted as Isadora hours:
• Anything done as a money earning activity or for which you receive money or other reward.
• Activities for which you will receive a patch, pin or other award
• Activities done to raise money for any organization (this is against GSUSA policy)