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Get your Girl Scout Cookies now!

Girl Scout Cookie booth sales have opened in our area, and you can find one near you by:

Searching by Zip code on the Girl Scout Cookies page at

Downloading the Cookie Finder app on iTunes at


Thinking Day idea: European Castles and Palaces patch program

Thanks to Field Director Elyse Roland for pointing out this neat patch program: European Castles and Palaces!

Visiting castles and palaces is something Scouts in Europe can easily do as a troop or on their own – that’s what makes this patch unique to those of us overseas. You will find, however, you can complete the requirements listed without ever having visited a castle, palace or ruin, but then, you wouldn’t have as much fun! You may use books, web sites or your school’s host nation teachers to gather information to complete this patch. Visiting a castle, palace or ruin would help you complete many of the requirements too. So, we encourage you to visit at least one castle, one palace, and one ruin to truly get the full experience of EUROPEAN CASTLES AND PALACES!

High Adventure resource

Not sure what’s High Adventure and what level is allowed to do these activities? Click here to check out the new resource on Leader 411 .

It’s a table with all the High Adventure activities listed on the GSCNC website that shows what levels are allowed to do what. In addition, clicking on the link to the activity brings you straight to the Safety Activity Checkpoint.
Finally, it includes a PDF version of the table that also has working hyperlinks to the Safety Activity Checkpoints.

New Association blog on

As Girl Scouts throughout the country celebrate our 100th birthday, Association representatives are being asked to help promote Girl Scout visibility in the community. To help accomplish this, we have started a new Association 51 blog on the Herndon Patch and Reston Patch, online news and lifestyle websites that focus on our communities.

We are seeking information, photos and videos  from Association 51 troop leaders and service unit managers  about our girls’ activities, from troop field trips to service projects to SU 100th anniversary events.

When submitting information, photos or videos, please keep in mind:

  • Before submitting photos or videos, make sure you have permission from the parents of all girls depicted. This can be done by checking the For Photographs box on the bottom right of permission forms, or you can have parents sign a general form at the beginning of the year. Click here for a PDF version of the form:
  • Please provide the troop number, level of the girls and a general geographical area (e.g. Troop 2568 of Herndon). We will not use the girls’ names in posts, with special exceptions such as when a girl already has been recognized and identified in the media.

Click here to email your submissions!

Questions? Send an email to