Junior Art Badges at Greater Reston Arts Center

FROM THE GRACE WEBSITE at http://www.restonarts.org/Education/GirlScoutPrograms.htm:

Designed for Juniors, the GreaterRestonArtsCenter’s new badge programs explore contemporary art and art history through hands-on projects, guided looking activities, and group discussions. This program includes all the materials scouts need to earn a badge during their visit. Staff or volunteers from GRACE will guide the girls through the various activities with the support of adult chaperones. Badges will be given to the girls at the end of the workshop!

You may sign up for a Saturday morning session, an afternoon session, or both. Those choosing to make a full day and earn two different badges, should bring a sack lunch. You may eat in the Learning Center or outside in the park. (Weekday programs are available by special appointment.)

Maximum capacity for programs is 15 girls. Allowances can be made for larger troops with appropriate notice. Minimum group size is 5 scouts.

Saturday Session Times:
Morning Sessions: 11:30-1:30pm
Afternoon Sessions: 2:30-4:30pm
Reservations are accepted on a first-received basis. Please note which badge your troop wants to acquire during the visit.
Call 703.471.9242 to reserve now.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know by calling 703.471.9242 or emailing info@restonarts.org

Visual Arts
Scouts will acquire a visual arts vocabulary by trying their hand at a range of hands-on activities. The girls will explore color, create pictures that express mood, experience the limits and possibilities of black and white, make an abstract still life picture, visually capture an object in motion and tour the current exhibition to see and discuss the work of contemporary artists in our area.
Drawing and Painting
Capture your creativity in many different ways and with a variety of materials. Activities will include experimenting with different art mediums, playing with line, painting without brushes, creating art with shapes, creating a troop mural, fashioning your own art gallery and discovering famous women artists.
Art in 3D (Coming Soon!)
Learn to translate your designs into three dimensional arts. Activities will include clay molding, origami paper folding, mobile creation, wire sculpture forms, recycled material designs and an Art Walk of Reston Town Center.
Prints and Graphics (Coming Soon!)
Participants will learn that much more than a pencil and brush can make a wonderful picture. Scouts will fashion a series of rubbings, craft their own stamp design, make a nature print, create a stencil and use it to compose a card, and construct posters for an upcoming workshop at Greater Reston Arts Center as a service project.


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