Bling out your cookie booth!

booth sign



Make this Cookie Sign!

Materials (costs estimated)

1  ¾” PVC pipe, 10 feet in length Home Depot $2.00
2  ¾”  El Joint Home Depot $2.00
2 plastic ties Home Depot $1.00
1 20×30 foam board Michael’s $3.00
2 plastic buckets Dollar Store $2.00
1 bag of sand Home Depot $3.00





_ Decorate foam board with paint, markers or stickers.

_ Cut PVC pipe  into two 45” lengths (these are the poles). The remaining 30” pipe will be the top length.

_ Attach El Joints.

_ Cut holes into foam board so that you can insert the plastic ties through.

_ Loop plastic ties around the top length of pipe.

_ Tie off plastic ties.

_ Pour sand into buckets.

_ Space buckets according to the width of the poles, insert poles into sand.


Cookie decorations:

_ Make cookie signs with clip art found on

_ Cut into circles and glue onto disposable plates.


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