Online Resources for Making a Website

Following are links to Girl Scout online resources:

How to Make a Troop or Service Unit Web Page

Please review GSUSA’s Safety Pledge.

If you would like to link your website on GSCNC’s website, here are some basic guidelines:

  • Please review Graphic Guidelines section for troop or group web pages by clicking here
  • Troop or Service Unit pages that are more than one year old without any updates are out of date and will be taken out of the troop page section. In order for us to keep better track of this information, Troop or Service Unit pages must have either a “Last updated (date shown here)” or a working email address to the person responsible for the troop page on their troop homepage.
  • When using photographs of girls, use photos that the Girl has signed yes to on the photo release question on the activity (parent permission form).
  • Avoid attaching names of Girls to the photos.
  • Scanning Photos, suggestion for web use, try scanning photos in somewhere between 72 DPI and 100 DPI so that the download time is short. Each page should download at a maximum of 30 seconds for the best quality page.
  • Avoid giving directions to events that the Girls will be at, especially on overnights, such as camping events.
  • Avoid usage of links that go to adult websites.
  • When using the Girl Scout logo, following the guidelines given by GSUSA.
  • View information about the GIRL SCOUT Service Mark copyrights and trademarks.
  • Is your troop or service unit page up-to-date or out of date? Please email the webmaster at about the page in question. If you have a new troop page at another location, please email the the new URL. Thanks for your cooperation.

Girl Scouts of the USA troop or group web page guidelines

Graphics Guidelines
Girl Scout Trademarks

  • The council grants permission to registered designated Girl Scout volunteers only, usage of the council lock-up logo on printed materials distributed for the purposes of membership recruitment: troop, service unit and association business, and girl and adult recognition and training.
  • Use of the Girl Scout Trademark for any other purposes is not permitted.
  • Unauthorized usage of the Girl Scout name and trademarks may result in diminished value of the Girl Scout brand. To ensure optimum brand identity, we need to be clear and consistent about the messages our products and designs convey to Girl Scouts, non-Girl Scouts and potential Girl Scouts. Therefore, everyone in Girl Scouting has a role in protecting the Girl Scout name and trademarks against unauthorized, inconsistent and unlicensed use.

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