Using the Girl Scout logo

GSCNC’s website offers  Girl Scout and Girl Scout related logos, graphics or clip art that you can use for your flyer, website, or other publications.

From GSCNC’s Guidelines page:

Nation’s Capital – Large | Medium | Small

Permission is required to use the Girl Scout logo. Please contact Nancy Wood with your request.

Graphics & Clip Art

Clip Art Graphics Gallery for Girl Scouts (GSUSA)

Clip Art Graphics Gallery for Cookies (Little Brownie Baker)

Girl Scout Trademarks

GSCNC grants permission for the usage of the Contemporary Girl Scout logo on printed materials distributed for the purposes of membership recruitment: troop, service unit and association business, and girl and adult recognition and training.

Use of the Contemporary Girl Scout logo for any other purposes must receive approval from GSCNC.

Unauthorized usage of the Girl Scout name and trademarks may result in diminished value of the Girl Scout brand. To ensure optimum brand identity, we need to be clear and consistent about the messages our products and designs convey to Girl Scouts, non-Girl Scouts and potential Girl Scouts. Therefore, everyone in Girl Scouting has a role in protecting the Girl Scout name and trademarks against unauthorized, inconsistent and unlicensed use.

To discuss the possible use of the Girl Scout name or trademarks, please contact Carrie Banachowski at or 202-237-1670, ext 282.

Using the logo on a website? Visit the GSCNC website page for more details.


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