Girls can raise money for Japan relief

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Friends and Colleagues,

We are all saddened with the terrible news from Japan over these past few days. Our hearts and thoughts are with everyone suffering from this horrible tragedy.

This is the news from GSUSA:

  • USA Girl Scouts Overseas: As many of you know, we do maintain an office and staff in Japan to support the families of military personnel stationed there. Reports are that our office has suffered minor damage -and that all the staff and their families are fine.
  • Fund Raising Policy: It is fine for troops/groups/girls to raise money to aid victims of this horrible disaster. Remember that in the early stages of disasters like this, money is more helpful than “care packages”.
  • Helping Girl Scouts of Japan: We are very concerned about our Girl Scout sisters who are members of Girl Scouts of Japan and we would like to provide some movement-wide sport to them. Details are not available yet, but we will be setting up an account at Girl Scouts of the USA to collect donations to go to Girl Scouts of Japan so that we can send one large donation on behalf of all of Girl Scout sisters in the USA.


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