Suggestion Collection

Ways we could celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts:

  • 5K/1K Fun Run/Walk to benefit SHARE
  • SHARE your recipes cookbook
  • Association 51 patch, custom designed by an Association Girl Scout with sales to benefit SHARE
  • Sunrise ceremony on March 12 at community park
  • Flash mobs with Girl Scouts singing traditional songs
  • Scavenger hunt in DC

Theme: Girls Taking Action: 100 years and counting

Three areas:

1) Taking Action to Help Families. Have a drive this summer to collect 100 backpacks filled with school supplies for Reston Interfaith. Collect them at an event in which we showcase ways for troops to do community service to help families with basic needs like food, clothing, etc. Troops could sign up to do booths highlight what they have done in the past. We can explain how each possible community service project could be used in a Journey.

2) Taking Action to Shape Our Future. An event that includes activities on the history of Reston/Herndon and issues for girls to explore. We can explain how those activities/issues would fit into a Journey.

3) Taking Action to Protect Our Environment. Park clean up plus ways to help the environment. And how to use those activities in a Journey.

Do 100 things…

  • Plant 100 trees (part of the Billion Tree campaign)
  • Pick 1000 apples for a food pantry
  • Collect 100 packages of diapers for needy families
  • Make 100 meals for those in need
  • Sew 100 blankets for the homeless
  • Do a can-struction event: each troop gets 1000 cans to make a structure and the cans go to a food pantry
  • Scavenger hunt to discover our history: find 100 historic sites in Herndon-Reston; find 100 historic 100 in Herndon-Reston; find out about 100 women who have made a difference in our community
  • Do a photo exhibit: Each troop take 100 photos (or short videos) about their community to tell a story
  • Sponsor a Thanksgiving meal for 100 families
  • Collect 100 books for kids

Have a T-shirt design contest for the girls, and sell the T-shirts to benefit SHARE. Troops would then wear the T-shirts when participating in upcoming community events such as:

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